The history of the straight razor, which is a folding and closable blade, dates back to four thousand years before Christ. Sharp and dangerous than safety shavers, the cut-throat razor can cut your skin easily. It provides a smooth shave when used correctly. Some of the cut-throat razors, which come in two variants, have a built-in stainless-steel blade. These internal bladed razors must be sharpened before use and are more difficult to maintain. Blades of razors with external blades, which are common today, are sold in packages. Instead of sharpening the blade before shaving, you can easily make it ready for shaving by replacing the existing razor with a new one.

How to Shave with A Straight/Cut-Throat Razor

Unpack the razor blade and mount it on the cut-throat razor

Carefully divide the package containing the double-sided Razor in half and take the razor out of it. Then open the safety and head of the Razor and properly insert the half of the razor that you cut in half. Then turn off the razor. This system is faster and more practical than self-bladed razors. In self-bladed razor models, the razor must be sharpened for sharpness. You must use the razor strop for sharpening the blade of razor. In the sharpening process, rubbing the razor horizontally 50-60 times back and forth will provide the necessary sharpness. Be careful not to press the razor too much on the leather surface during the sharpening process. Applying extra pressure can damage the blade.

Razor blades are available for reuse.

Put a hot towel on your face before you start shaving

Moisturizing your skin before shaving prevents your face from being cut and irritated. If you have time, shaving after a hot shower will help open the pores on your skin. However, instead of taking a shower before each shave, putting a hot towel to soften your face, and waiting for 2 minutes will have the same effect. Trying to moisturize the face with cold water does not exactly work. Washing your face with cold water before starting to shave will increase the risk of cutting the skin as it will prevent the razor from slipping. It will also cause sores and irritations.

Use shaving foam or cream

Using foam or cream while shaving protects your skin against any damage as it allows the razor to move more comfortably and smoothly. Waiting for a while after the application will allow your beards to soften well and you will get a more comfortable shaving experience. However, prolonged waiting may cause the foam to dry and lose its functionality. Therefore, after applying the foam with your hand or brush, start shaving after a maximum of 30-40 seconds.

Razor blades can be changed easily.

Pay attention to the angle between your face and the razor

Never hold the razor perpendicular to your face. Always take care to hold it with a slight slope. Although the ideal angle between your face and the razor is 30 degrees, this angle may vary regionally. Holding the razor varies from person to person. If you wish, you can hold your razor with 3 fingers or with 5 fingers in a way that suits you. The important thing is to get the right-angle during use.

Small strokes and short movements

Since the razor is an extremely sharp blade, sudden and harsh movements will hurt you. Therefore, when using the razor, you should shave with light strokes and 1-2 cm movements. In addition, while shaving your beard, you need to shave in the direction of the hair growth. In the mustache area, you should cut your mouth from top to bottom in the direction of the hairs and shave from the bottom to the top in the neck area. If you want clean-shaven, you can reach the hair follicles more easily by stretching your skin with one hand.

Razor blades can be used with shaving foam. Alternatively, you can shave with soap and water.

Use aftershave lotion

After shaving, wash and rinse your face with hot water first, then clean again with cold water. After this process, if you want, you can apply aftershave lotions to your face. With this process, you can regain the natural oils your skin needs. Not using lotion will allow you to have drier and harder skin.

Razor care

After shaving, you should clean your razors blade and dry it with a towel. Using a little grease or chemicals to protect against rust will increase the life of your razor. If you have a replaceable razor, we recommend that you only shave 2-3 times with every new razor you use. For a better shaving experience, it will be useful to put a new razor blade.

Razor blades are preferred from past to present for a safe shaving job.