Double-edged blades (DE), which have taken an important place in our lives for the last 100 years, are still actively used thanks to the use of safety razors. The double-sided blades preferred by both barbers and individual users differ from their competitors in terms of certain features. All double-edged blades have a standard shape. In this way, they can be used without any problems with any cut-throat razor and safety razor. The various products offered by the brands are distinguished by features such as sharpness, outer coating, and durability and offer a unique shaving experience.

Astra always offers a quality experience while shaving.

What makes a good razor?

There is no clear answer to this question, which is wondered by everyone. However, the most important point in shaving is to achieve a comfortable and pleasant shave. Therefore, to qualify a razor as good, we first need to start from the comfort it offers you. A razor that you can move easily while shaving, that can cut the beard directly without pulling it, and that can cut the whole of your beard in the least possible repetition, can be described as a good razor. In addition to these, most importantly, it is important that it does not cause any irritation or burning sensation on the skin during shaving.

The sharpness of the razor blade

The sharpness of razor blades varies according to certain factors. In general, you can easily access razor blade sharpness levels from 1 to 10 on the internet. When buying razor blades, you can have an idea about the sharpness of the razor blade according to these numbers. While it seems possible to take the sharpest razor blade and achieve a smooth shave in a short time, you need to be quite experienced in shaving to handle this process smoothly. Otherwise, as the sharpness of the razor blade increases, the risk of cutting and irritation increases at the same rate.

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Especially if you have dry skin that has lost moisture, shaving with an extremely sharp razor blade will be very harmful to you. Even if the risks mentioned above decrease when you use a razor blade with less sharpness, this time, different problems occur due to the less cutting of the blade and this affects your shaving experience. Since razor blades with less sharpness cannot cut the beard well, it is more likely to stick to the beard and pull the beard, which is undesirable. In addition, you may need to shave the same area a few more times as the razor blade is prevented from sliding smoothly on the face. As a result, the sharpness of the razor blade has a particularly important place in your razor blade selection.

Coating quality and type

The most important factor in your razor blade selection after sharpness is the coating. Razor blades are coated with different materials to make them more resistant to corrosion, resistant to rust, and offer a comfortable shaving pleasure. For example, platinum and Teflon coatings are the coating methods we often see in razor blades. The coatings can slightly reduce their precision as they provide extra thickness to the razor blades.

Astra, which is very compatible with foam, does not irritate your skin.

Razor blade durability 

The most basic factor that gives a razor blade's durability is the type of steel used in its production. Apart from this, the duration of heat treatment, the honing angle, and the type of stones used in honing also directly affect the durability. In general, the life of razors is up to 2 or 3 uses. However, depending on your beard structure and the amount of your beard, this lifetime can be prolonged. In addition, the experience of the shaver can affect the lifespan. 

Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades, produced by Gillette, the world-famous personal care brand, is a razor blade that offers its users a comfortable and enjoyable shaving experience. Thanks to its production from the highest quality steels and double layer platinum coating, it offers a long-lasting and comfortable use to its users. Each box contains 5 razors. It is usually sold in the form of twenty boxes, containing 100 blades, but there is also the possibility to buy in different quantities. It is one of the most preferred razor blades, especially by barbers and individual users in Europe. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Astra superior platinum with 9/10 sharpness offers an exceptionally long lifetime as well as a comfortable shave. Thanks to its platinum coating, it glides smoothly on your skin and cuts your beards without the need for a second time. Having an average price compared to its competitors, Astra superior platinum surpasses its competitors in terms of lifetime.

Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge blades are individually packaged and boxed to ensure sterility and shelf life. Do not forget to wash your blade after each use in order to be able to use it again and again and to prevent dulling and wear on the blade. In addition, all knives are produced from easily recyclable materials and do not cause any harm to nature.